UW Nexus Account Creation for Students

While using these accounts, you are expected to follow the principles of the Statement on Use of UW Computing and Network Resources. Abuse of these computing privileges may result in their loss, academic discipline, probation, or expulsion.

Enter your UWuserid and Quest (or WatIAM) password
to activate your Nexus account.

Quest/WatIAM password:
Click Go once, and be patient.
The process takes some time.

Forgotten your Quest/WatIAM password?
Bring Photo ID to your faculty's Computer Consulting Office,
or the Computer Help and Information Place (CHIP),
Math and Computer building, room 1052.

Haven't got a Quest/WatIAM userid and password?

Your Nexus account gives you cross-campus access to machines running Microsoft Windows, offering a variety of software for your particular faculty.